Protecting the Skies – Ugyen Phuntsho

There is a general thinking among Bhutanese that those who come to Australia come to work as cleaners and janitors. This may be true for some for which I respect them for what they do because they value dignity of labour.

Making New Friends in Australia

Coming to Australia was the greatest opportunity, a lottery-winning satisfaction, despite not knowing what the disadvantages and advantages of living in Australia are.

When a Bhutanese Creative Weirdo Goes to Study in Australia

Growing up in an academically-inclined family, I was always made to believe that I could either excel in my studies and become a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a government administrator, or I could drop out of school and live a hard life on the streets.Β 

IELTS Substitutes Accepted by Australian Universities

COVID-19 has affected our β€œnormal life” in a lot of ways. It has been particularly disruptive to a few groups like students who finished their high school or college in Bhutan and planned on going to Australia for further studies.

Team Introduction – Ambassador

We are very pleased and excited to announce an addition to our team, 𝙇𝙝𝙖 π˜Ώπ™€π™§π™Ÿπ™š who will be representing as an L&B Global Ambassador. A Bhutanese Rising Star who has earned enormous popularity through TikTok

Why degree in Information Technology

Graduates with a degree in Information Technology will find themselves in a diverse career path that offers endless opportunities. If you have a passion for problem-solving, data, logistics, and if you are

State of Emergency for Western Australia

The WA Government has declared a State of Emergency for Western Australia, Premier just announced 3 days lock down starting from midnight today. Please stay safe everyone!

Why Commerical Cookery

Every year thousand of international students continues to come to Australia to study different courses. One of the highly demanded course is commercial cookery. There are mainly below four reasons