IELTS Substitutes Accepted by Australian Universities


IELTS Substitutes Accepted by Australian Universities

COVID-19 has affected our “normal life” in a lot of ways. It has been particularly disruptive to a few groups like students who finished their high school or college in Bhutan and planned on going to Australia for further studies. Not only is Australia limiting travel, but also IELTS, one of the requirements for getting into an Australian university, has suspended all tests in Bhutan. It has caused a lot of anxiety and stress on Bhutanese students. 

This is why we are glad to inform you that we have found a way around the IELTS requirement. You don’t have to put your Australia dream on hold anymore. Here is Murdoch University announcing that they accept the IPEPT test. 

Here is ECU’s website showing they accept iPEPT.

IPEPT is accepted by Australian universities. It is taken online, meaning it is the perfect substitute for IELTS in this time.